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Jul 17, 2013

Second Hard Drive Disappears? Here's One Solution...

You have a secondary hard drive installed, which keeps vanishing - disappearing from from the available drives. Likely it's going to sleep or shutting off. 

To resolve the disappearing hard drive trick, we successfully adjusted the power management settings for the hard disk. Setting the time to "Turn off hard disk" to 0. Once applied, this will show as "Never".

Here's the screenshots of the process to walk you through it...

In Windows 7, open the Control Panel.
Choose "Power Options" from the menu. (To easier find that, set the Control Panel view to "Small Icons")

In the "Preferred plans" area, click on the "Change plan settings" link.

In the "Edit Plan Settings" window, click on the "Change advanced power settings" link

In the drop down menu, choose the active power option.(You'll want to do the following for each of the power settings listed there: Balance; High Performance; Power Saver)

In the list, expand "Hard Disk", and then expand "Turn off hard disk after"
In the "Setting (Minutes):" field, enter 0
Click on the "Apply" button.

Once done, your secondary hard drive should no longer disappear.


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