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Jul 21, 2012

Dell Quickset for Inspiron 1520 Windows 7 32-bit

I like my Dell Inspiron 1520. It's a great laptop, but having upgraded to Windows 7 on the 32-bit operating system, I discovered that drivers for the Inspiron were few, and pretty hard to come by on the Dell site.

After a lot of searching, and some trial and error - mostly messages from the system stating the driver was not compatible - I finally found that the Vista Quickset for the 32-bit operating system does infact work perfectly on the Windows 7 OS in 32-bit.

Of course I had to go out on the web to locate it, because if you're searching the Dell web site for your system, you'll never find it. Actually, it's pretty impossible to find a reference to nearly anything specific on the Dell web site - they could stand to improve the searchability on their site.

Long story short; here is where I found and downloaded the Vista Quickset 32-bit driver, which works perfectly fine on my Dell Inspiron 1520, running Windows 7 in 32-bit:

Now. you may say what the heck is Quickset for anyway?

Are you missing your onscreen brightness and volume meters? Can't see the power management console anymore after an OS upgrade... well, you're going to need to install Quickset.


Anonymous said...

thank you soo much! you just saved me loads of time and hassle im sure. Ive already spent half an hour messing about trying to sort this.

javajive said...

We're glad to hear this helped! That's what we're hear for! Thanks for letting us know!

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