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Oct 2, 2007

Geek Love: Googles 411

There's nothing better than something geeky and good and fun and that works! GOOG-411 does just what it says on the tin; it gets you info free and easy.

Never underestimate the geek or his innovations. Google has launched Goog-411, a completely free information service available by phone that has voice recognition and can send maps to any internet capable cell phone. Dial 1-800-Goog-411 (1-800-4664-411), say the location (you can also put in a zip code) choose from the location listed, and you're connected for free (no more 1.50 cellular service information charges).

I've tried this and on the first attempt I got a message stating that they were "a little busy" and to try back again later. I tried back immediately and got through. So don’t be dissuaded if you get that message.

Check out Goog-411 or just dial 1-800-4664-411 to give it a try.
Find out even more using Google's FAQ


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