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Sep 14, 2007

Jatol hosting strands thousands of customers

What first appeared to be an average hosting outage has become a frustrating mystery to customers of Jatol hosting, who find themselves with dead web sites and no email service.

On August 31,, having provided excellent service and stunning support for over five years at affordable prices, disappeared, leaving thousands of customers without access to their domain web content and email.

According to information pieced together from frustrated customers scrambling for answers, Jatol apparently stopped paying their host, Fastservers, and Fastservers turned off the machines with Jatol's customers content.

The owner of, Tim Tooley has also disappeared. Mr. Tooley was reportedly suffering from an unknown illness, for an undisclosed period of time, quite lengthy it seems. Speculations have arisen that Mr. Tooley has either gone into suclusion, left the country or may be dead.

Countless customers are frantic, upset and demanding that Fastervers should turn the machines back on so they can get their content.

Hosting forums across the Internet are packed with confused and frustrated customers desperate to find out how to convince the Fastservers to release their data. Backups saved to disk will help most get their web sites back up and running with another host, but there is countless forms of data locked on servers that is unavailable for customers to restore to their sites.

As of September 12th went completely down and nothing has been heard of from the operators of this once superior hosting service.

If you've found this article and are a stranded customer don't panic, there are ways of getting your site back up and running.

If you don't have a backup of your web site try checking your own domain name at The Wayback Machine. This fabulous archival site stores incredibly detailed pages of web sites, some containing most, if not all, of the graphics and text in their original format, and require only minor recoding once saved to restore the pages for hosting.

Find new hosting at with a detailed service search engine, detailed information about hosting services such as down time and reliability. also provides customer reviews of the hosting services listed.

Good luck to everyone on a fast recovery from this devastating service outage.


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