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Jun 13, 2014

Dell Precision M4500 Driver Installation - Annoyances Solved - Drivers Provided

Yet another reformat of a Dell Precision M4500 laptop and yet more mystery drivers to track down. This time just a couple were posing issues in the Device Management list during the install.

"Broadcom USH" - Although, the laptop does not have a finger print reader, this driver is part of the
Dell ControlPoint Security Device Driver Pack 

R269916.exe on the Driver Disk if you have it.

If not, you can download it from Dropbox here:

or here from the Dell web site:

"Unknown Device" is yet again the

ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor, v., A00

R257449.exe on the Driver Disk... 

Hope this helps anyone trying to track these drivers down. 

If this posts helps make sure to comment or even join dropbox and refer this site so we can get more space to offer even more drivers in the future.Dropbox referral link:

Or heck, we'll even take donations of any amount you feel like giving us for helping you.


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