Dell Latitude E5520 Driver Installation - Annoyances Solved - Drivers Provided

Recently needed to reformat a Dell Latitude E5520

When doing so it's necessary to reinstall all the drivers.

First - you need to install all the drivers in a specific order.

To get the proper order to install drivers, you can usually just google for example "Driver install order for Latitude E5520" or your specific type of computer.

Here is the link to dell's list and instructions for the Latitude E5520 (

Do you have your resource CD that originally came with your computer? If not, I'm providing the .zip files for each the below listed drivers.

Three things I ran into with the driver installation that were not clear in the driver install disk list:

"PCI Simple Communications Controller"  - This is the "Intel Unified 7 Management Interface Driver"

If you have your driver disk, you can locate it under the Chipsets listing.

Here's the dell link for the driver:

"Mass Storage Device" - This was the "O2Micro 0Z600XXX Memory Card" driver

It's located on the resource driver CD also or here on Dell's site for download: 

"Unknown Device" - This is a real fun one... It's The "ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor Rev:A04"!

On the driver disk, it's located under the Chip Set Drivers or here on the Dell site: 

Honestly, it was little hard to find, but less difficult than it used to be in tracking down mystery drivers since I found the PCI vendor and device list site at:

How do you use the PCI database?

Go into your device manage -

(Start | Right Click Computer | Choose "Manage" | Choose "Device Manager")

In the Device Manager you're going to see the components that are missing drivers marked by yell icons.

Right click on anyone of them, choose Properties, and then choose the "Details tab"

On the dropdown bar under "Property" choose "Hardware Ids"

You'll see a list of info that appears like so: "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3A&SUBSYS..."

To use the PCI Database, what information you need from this line of data is the "ven" or "vendor" number. Then, you use the "dev" or "device" number. This may help in tracking down the hard to identify drivers.