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Jul 14, 2013

Oops, There Goes Another Google Product - Latitude Location App Hits The Road

Google Latitude, a mobile location app, is being added to the long list of Google products being discontinued by the search giant.

And just when we were about to post a great solution for tracking your own cell phone with the Latitude service. Darn.

But this is how it goes with some of Google's most beloved products. Prior to the announcement that Latitude would be axed on Aug. 9 (2013), Google Reader was also nixed at the beginning of July (2013). Since the shutdown of Google Reader, our favorite pick for an alternative app on the Android so far is Flipboard. But that's not where we're going with this article...

We are exhuming the bodies of Google's expired products. Unfortunately, unlike Dr. Frankenstein, we will not be messing with that whole ugly re-animation business. That just ever turns out well.

The list is very long, however, we are starting with our five favorites that have gone bye-bye or been rolled into other Google products... making the original purpose and function of the said app.. eh... useless.

Google Notebook
The great little  web clipping application for saving online research. It is no longer supported by Google, and was replaced with Google Docs. The tool let users clip text, images, and links from pages while browsing, save them online, access them from any computer, and share them with others.

Google Docs... so much for the Notebook alternative
This was integrated into Google Drive. It's functionality is basically the same, but for longtime users change is never pretty.

A great online photo editor. Most features and effects were moved to the Google+ photo manager. Closed on April 19, 2012

Google Desktop
A handy desktop search application that indexed emails, documents, music, photos, chats, Web history and other files. Part of Google Gadgets.

Google Talk
Desktop instant messaging service that provided both text and voice communication. Replaced May 15, 2013... ah, now we know why this hasn't been working right for weeks.

The complete list.

Now, what about the alternatives to any one of these prostrate products?
Google it!

"What is an alternative to Google Reader?"
If we don't use the search engine, it could be next.


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