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Jun 5, 2012

Word Header Footer Missing: How to Unhide the Headers and Footers in Word

Applies to Word 2007 and Word 2010

Recently, I was working feverishly on a document that I was switching between the header and body probably too quickly, because I somehow hid the header and in my panic could not figure out how to get it back to save my life.

In all my infinite Word knowledge of the ribbon and Options menu I couldn't find anything to "unhide" the header and footer... then... I noticed this little icon that would appear briefly when I moved my cursor toward the top of the word page ("Print Layout" view).

Here's the trick to unhide the headers and footers:

In "Print Layout" view, move and hover your cursor toward the top of the page, just in between the ruler and the actual page.

You should see a small icon appear that has up and down arrows in it - double click that icon to get your header and footer back!

And don't work so furiously - or you may do something more dangerous, like flip your monitor screen upside down like a co-work of mine did not too long ago. (Suggesting turning the monitor upside down to correct the screen got some interesting looks.) 


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