How to access Wikipedia during 24 hour blackout

How in the world can you get something, anything, done without Wikipedia? Okay, the person who just said 'wiki-what?" This isn't useful for you, go back to playing cribbage on Yahoo! Games... Now, for those who can't get through the day without sneaking a peak at Wikipedia - You can still get to the site during the 24 hour black out! 

We support Wikipedia in their blackout to protest of anti-piracy legislation that could threaten legitimate web content as well as unlawful piracy... But you can still get to the site if you really, really need to.

Use you smartphone's web browser or use the mobile URL for the Wikipedia web site:

It's legitimate! Some are warning that the blackout is opening up opportunities for hackers and spyware. Possibly, but Wikipedia only redirecting visitors to a splash page for 24 hours. If you load the Wikipedia site, you will see the actually site flicker on the screen for a split second before the splash screen comes up.