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Oct 18, 2013

New iPhone App Lets You See Which Spy Satellites Are Watching You

Ever wonder if you're being watched? Designed for everyday person, if you're as paranoid as Jerry Fletcher, (Mel Gibson's character in the 1997 film 'Conspiracy Theory') there's an app that will help you find out when it's safe to get rid of a booger, or through your neighbor's cat in a trash can...


Introducing SpyMeSat, the first app that notifies you when you are within range of an imaging satellite that could be taking your picture. SpyMeSat is space situational awareness for everyone, computing and displaying upcoming and current imaging satellite passes for your location or any selected location on the globe. The user can drill down to look at the details of any pass, see a dynamic map graphic update with real-time position and imaging resolution information displayed as the satellite flies overhead, and even see a picture and description of the satellite.
 Available from Orbit Logic on iTunes for 1.99

An Internet search and review of Orbit Logic's web site offered no word on an Android version of the app. 


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