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Oct 7, 2013

Is Facebook losing users to Tumblr?
Facebook has lost its cool. Too many restrictions, too many privacy issues and it's just not fun anymore. 

That's what many teens are saying when asked about Facebook. Teens are moving in droves to Tumblr simply because it's more fun. Tumblr offers an almost limitless means to express one's self creatively and for some reasons that's cool.

The regurgitation of news and updates that few are really interested and mostly annoyed by on their facbook pages is easily filtered on Tumblr into an easy and fun digestion of specific bits. No more bragging, but more sharing. That's what Facebook used to be back in the day... probably when most of the teens the site is losing to Tumblr were still drooling on their V-techs.

Tumblr succeeds in another way that Facebook fails - multiple user identities. Tumblr helps in that eternal teen burden of finding others like you, and who like the different things that they enjoy. Embarrassed about that crush on Justin Bieber with your usual crowd of BFF's? Share with those on Tumblr who get it.

Another great plus, parents just don't have the time or maybe have lost the creativeness to cultivate a true Tumblr that will pass as "cool" in the eyes of their children - this in itself lessens that annoyance of being followed (stalked and watched) by parents.

In short, where Facebook has forced the creation of a social network, chucked full of strangers, snoopers and lurkers, peppers with a handfull of true friends and relatives, Tumblr is allowing users to truly express themselves and find others to connect with on a mutual level of enjoyment and understanding.

As of October 1, 2013, Tumblr hosts over 139.4 million blogs.

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