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Nov 11, 2012

iPhone 5: Getting Better Maps

Setting up iPhone 5 Maps

So Apple's new maps are not the best. No worries, though! you can slap in your own maps and navigation to hold you over until either Google Maps has its own native app (which might be a while) or Apple Maps get better (which might also be a while). For navigation, you can use the very expensive but also very good Garmin Navigon. People also like MotionX and Waze, or you can actually just use Apple Maps' turn-by-turn, since it's one of the better parts of Apple's new maps. And for plain old maps, you can actually still use Google Maps, just on the mobile web client. You can even pin it to your home screen by visiting the site, pressing the "+" icon in your browser, and selecting Add to home screen. A web clip shortcut of Google Maps should appear on your home screen. Good as new (almost).


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