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Aug 28, 2012

Windows 7: Stop Screen from going black on program install and change

Hate how the screen in Windows 7 goes dark whenever you install or make changes to the system? It's a security precaution of course, but if it's bothering you and you don't mind your system being less secure, you can stop Windows 7 from blacking out the screen before the UAC (User Account Control) window pops up.

Two steps:

Go to Control Panel
Choose User Accounts
Choose "Change User Account Control Settings" from the list

Move the slider down to the second to last position.
In the right you will see the message "Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer (do not dim my desktop)"
The "do not dim my desktop" is the part we're going for here.

*Not, Windows, of course, does not recommend this course of action, and this will make your system less secure. With proper anti-virus security software and firewall settings, it should be sufficient to keep you out of hot water.


Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 said...

thanks guys, now my laptop is good :D

Anonymous said...

The screen stkll dims when I try to change the setting.

javajive said...

Anonymous... I'm sorry, don't know how to get back to you to help with the issue. Sometimes, one solution isn't going to be the best solution for everyone.

I always say, there's more than one fire door in a building - Same goes for working with technology - there's always more than one way around a problem - or annoyance.

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