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Apr 12, 2009

Twitter Hit By Another Worm: Mwa Mwa Mwah

Protection efforts failed yet again at Twitter.

Okay, it's not that I dislike Twitter, but I do find it interesting that the "gaping hole" the worm revealed was "repaired" or "fixed" yesterday evening, yet... This morning another "gaping hole" was exploited by a script (currently hailed as "Mikeyy") that sends out random messages across Twitter.

The remarkable messages go something like this:

Mikeyy I am done…
MikeyyMikeyy is done..
Twitter please fix this, regards Mikeyy
Man, Twitter can’t fix sh*t. Mikeyy owns. :)
Dude, Mikeyy is the sh*t! :)
Twitter should really fix this...
As reported on Mashable, these are more of annoyance than anything, still, like we reported here last night, the StalkDaily worm was just the beginning. Twitter is a major target for quick and adept pranksters.

It's again recommended to only follow and post on Twitter via third party apps until this issue with "Mikeyy" blows over. Hmmm, perhaps this is a plot hatched by third party apps? Nahhhh.


ML said...

although I'm uncomfortable seeing the words "gaping hole" along with a picture of a condom, I am happy to see someone practicing safe surfing

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