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Jan 26, 2009

Skitch is Sketchy for Windows Users

For the first time, I feel truly left out of the world of social networking app gadgetry.
A link off a site that I can't even recall now, led me to Looked rather fun and interesting, maybe even useful.

Just some of the nifty little features that caught my attention were:

  • Capture a chat moment
  • Screenshot an application
  • Quickly sketch an idea
  • Snap a website
Saving the site and coming back to check it out more thoroughly, which turned out to be not very thorough at all, considering that I was signed up and activated before I realized that the app is currently only available for... Mac users!

Now, if I'd been more patient and critical in my examination of the web site (e.g. scrolled and scrolled, and scrolled past the tome of user praise) I would have seen the rather small notation:
"System Requirements
Requires Mac 10.4.6 or later."
Of course, I didn't notice that, because my eye had been, by this point, caught by the shiny video tutorial/tour of the application.

And then this notation wasn't apparent until I was signed up, validated and setting up my profile -- avatar and all.

I know, I sound bitter, and I suppose I am. It's looks like a fun and slick little application, but, unless I drop a grand for a new Mac, I unfortunately won't be trying it out until the "Windows version" is made available.

Still, looks fun, and if you're a Mac user sucked into the quagmire of the social networking scene, go for it!


Thomas Reggi said...

Pretty Cool, would use if i had a mac.

ML said...

nothing like drawing you in with the "BeDazzler"-like intro, only to find out that it's only available to those ultahip, too cool for school, ecofriendly Mac shlubs.

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