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Jan 18, 2008

Draw and Share Diagrams and Charts with

Web Applications are replacing the bulk of programs a user may only need once or twice, and is just one of those fantastic online apps that will save not only expense for the user but also hard drive space.

Gliffy is an online tool for creating flowcharts, org charts, database schemas, diagrams, site layouts, etc. Gliffy comes very close to Microsoft Visio and runs in your web browser so you won't have to download anything.

Copy, paste, save, print, resize and modify colors and position-- all brilliant features that give this application the feel and capabilities of those other guy's programs.


Gliffy also makes it possible to either collaborate with others by sharing diagrams and charts, or even allowing a user to blog the diagram.

Did I mention it's simple enough that my nine year old daughter designed her dream home in it in just under an hour? I introduced her to Gliffy one night while she proclaimed the ennui of a typical nine year old without homework... She was mesmerized and created a floor plan that blew me away.

This app is superb and runs exceptionally smooth in the browser (Firefox of course, what else would I be using).

This is a must to check out.


Debi said...

Thanks for the review of Gliffy! We love feedback (from both you and your daughter!). Thanks again,
debik at gliffy dot com

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